DART 2.1 – Disseminating Assistive Roles and Technology – a  JISC FE & Skills Project

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Workshop Day 2 – Developing Assistive Technology Capacity / e-Safety for vulnerable learners / Hands on AT training

A free to attend workshop for those working in the FE sector – topics covered include the development of the Assistive Technologist role, e-safety and safe social networking for vulnerable learners, and ‘hands on’ training with assistive technology software packages.

11th March at College Development Network, Stirling

22nd April at Queen Alexandra College, Birmingham

Please note that these are free events, funded as part of the Jisc Dart2.1 Project.


Target Audience

Lecturers/tutors, learning support workers/assistants and those involved in assistive technology roles.


This is the first of two funded training days for staff in Jisc supported organisations. The sessions will be led by members of the Dart 2.1 Assistive Technology project which is funded by Jisc. Some sessions will also be delivered by Jisc staff and other invited specialists. Dart 2.1 is led by Beaumont College working in partnership with National Star College and Henshaws College. For more information on the Dart Project please see: http://dart.beaumontcollege.ac.uk/


• Clarifying what is meant by Assistive Technology (AT) Assessment and who should be assessed
• Sharing case study examples from a range of colleges
• A brief introduction to AT hardware and software
• Discussion around priorities for sector development and an opportunity to feedback and shape policy
• Networking
If you have any queries please direct them to: dartproject@beaumontcollege.org

Assistive Technology in Further Education Organisations – Research Report

This report, produced by The Association of National Specialist Colleges (Natspec) on behalf of the Jisc funded Dart 2 project,  synthesises and analyses the results of a questionnaire carried out at the beginning of the Dart 2 project.

The project, led by Beaumont College, sought to develop the use of assistive technology for disabled students in further education. As an initial part of the project a questionnaire was sent out to all General Further Education and Independent Specialist Colleges in England, Wales and Scotland. The purpose of this questionnaire was in part to find out training needs of colleges but also to gain more understanding of the state of assistive technology within further education. Questionnaire findings were supplemented by a small number of telephone interviews.

View the report here


Dart 2.1 Info sheet

DART 2.1 (Disseminating Assistive Roles and Technology) is a current JISC funded project that follows on from the 2012-13 Jisc DART 2 project and the 2010-12 LSIS funded DART project. Thanks to the nature of the JISC funding we continue to offer the project nationwide.

We are launching the project with the publication of the research report that was prepared as an outcome of the DART2 project. This report was completed based on an online questionnaire that was followed up by phone contacts. The research report was conducted by Natspec (The Association of National Specialist Colleges). The report is linked here: “Assistive Technology in Further Education Organisations”.

DART is run by a consortium of Specialist Colleges led by Beaumont College, National Star College and Henshaws College. The project is also supported by Natspec and by Colleges Scotland / Colleges Development Network.

This project seeks to:

  • Improve Assistive Technology practice in the FE and Skills sector
  • Enable the replication of the innovative Assistive Technologist role
  • Produce Assistive Technology case studies for the sector
  • Conduct original research in order to understand the changing nature of how Assistive Technology is used in the College sector (note this research will be compared longitudinally with previous research)


This project will provide:

Deep Support’ for 10 providers who will get assistance with:

  • Staff training
  • Implementation of AT solutions
  • Assistance with the development of assistive technologist style roles, including recruitment assistance or re-training
  • Access to assessment kits that have been purchased by the project
  • A total of five days contact time allocated to each provider and access to telephone support, note that contact days could include work shadowing
  • We expect to shortlist and inform successful applicant colleges within May 2014, with initial meetings taking place in May or June 2014
  • Deep support will take place between September 2014 and June 2015
  • Note that in all previous project phases that deep support places were oversubscribed by a factor of 3:1
  • The design and delivery of two workshop days -open access to all, (not just the providers who will receive ‘deep-support’). Both workshops will run twice, once in central England and once in central Scotland.
    • Details of previous workshops are available on the DART website
    • Note that new workshops will be developed following the research project that will be conducted by Natspec in May-July 2014
    • We expect to run workshops in the winter 2014 and spring 2015 terms

Please Contact the Dart Project team for more information.